How the service works

Step 1

You will need to set up a customer account using our online form, then perform an audit & communicate any technical questions or service details.

Step 2

All consignments of redundant stock need to palletised securely. Please mark them up with a unique customer consignment code (UCCC), and a general description of what the pallet contains.

For Example :

Pallet description: Self adhesive paper labels boxed

Creating the label is made easy using our online pallet shipment label generator.

Step 3

Please now fill out our online shipment notification form to notify us that a consignment is on it's way.

Shipments can be delivered using pallet networks or customers can arrange delivery direct to our facility.

Note: A shipment notification form must be submitted or the shipment will be turned away.

Step 4

Your goods arrive at our facility for 100% recovery.

We provide you with a full audit trail of the secure destruction of all labels & packaging sent to us.

Your shipment arrives at our facility, where unloading, auditing and scanning is performed before interring the primary at our secure SMB processing plant.

Destruction takes place with a certificate issued. 100% recovery & recycling processes.

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