Converting waste
to resource

Label waste recycling & recovery

Confidential & secure destruction


Self adhesive labels priced per 100 KG (rather than per tonne)

All consignments are initially inspected, scanned & audited on arrival before entering the plant. Out process then starts with mechanical separation using a series of techniques including shredding & infrared spectroscopy.

Certificates of confidential secure destination are issued for consignments.

Release paper recycling (single stream)

  • Backing liner - honey glassine
  • Release liner silicon based
  • Release liners synthetic / filmic
  • PE release liners

OTHER packaging recycling

  • Lineless
  • Kraft
  • Scan board
  • Sleeves & cartons
  • Tetra pack
  • Punnets


S-A food labels
S-A beverage labels
S-A pharmaceutical labels
S-A personal care labels
S-A household labels
S-A promotional labels
S-A security and tamper evident labels
S-A linerless labels

Flexible films reels

  • Opp
  • Pp
  • PE
  • Flow wrap
  • Laminated

Rebates may be applicable.

Our end users include paper mills, plastic compounders, combined heat and power plants together with other specialist niche markets. Any waste residue fraction from our 'SMB' process is mixed with other pre treated materials to produce a specific fuel pellet for use in cement kilns. We guarantee zero landfill.

Palletised redundant label & packaging recovery program

Secure destruction (certification issued)


Full audit trail

Delivery options

Direct delivery, pallet network collections, local regional network collections including skips, RoRo containers and tautliners.